Friday, July 5, 2024

Music Spotlight - Riverside Mic

The Organic Business Network was created to share, support and strengthen our community with real organic connections. Today we are shining our spotlight on a local Hip Hop artist from the city of Riverside, California in hopes to create awareness for a poet that deserves it.. Some might say Rapper, some might say lyricist but the reality is Riverside Mic the original Mutant Emcee.

Riverside Mic has a journey. The rumor is that he wiped out his entire previous catalog of music. Deleting it all from existence, Riverside Mic wanted to erased his old career and start a brand new catalog. In 2012 he changed his name and made sure his old career was buried but it wasn't until the pandemic of 2020 that he found the motivation to record a new song.

Riverside Mic's old career featured a list of other local artists. Many were fake friends, users and straight up enemies pretending to be friends. Some just wanted to steal his fans. Some just needed a couch to sleep on but when times got tough and it was grind season, Mic always found himself alone. This hurt Mic because he knew his music, productions, efforts, time and money was being used for the wrong reasons.

Some of these so called friends would use the music to get laid, using the song or song achievements to impress a lady they wanted to sleep with. They would brag about it like their 16 bar rap verse made them a producer or musician. They would bang the song proudly in their cars when they pulled up but they never chipped in money, never mixed a track or even took a track to the radio station. Riverside Mic has always been the one man band but when those he decided to include took advantage and didn't appreciate the reality, Mic did what he had to do. to stay sane. It took a while but Riverside Mic was able to shake it off and get a new focus. A determined effort to ensure that his music would never be tainted or convoluted again.

Riverside Mic is slowly building a new catalog of real underground hip hop. A catalog that is all about him. Riverside Mic did upload a song from 2012 called "Out My Mind" featuring Burger and Toussaint. When asked why he said it was because those were the realest artist he ever worked with. Mic said "Burger and Toussaint are real Lyricists that rep for Hip Hop, not rapping to impress the next groupie whore". Mic said they were not friends just artists collaborating in the name of Hip Hop. So Mic was never hurt or let down by these artists.... while having his so called friends or neighbors involved was different in expectations. " When you live on the same block and share the same dream, you expect 110% effort, loyalty and focus. When you come from the same city and share the same stage its like being on the same team and when your team isn't willing to get on the same page you have to find a new team"

So far every other release from Riverside Mic has been a solo effort. When asked about future collaborations Mic wasn't really motivated to work with anyone in the industry. In his words" I did a song with one of my childhood Hero's and it was a waste of time and money and meeting him showed me his true colors and how foul this industry can be." "There are a few I still look up to like Dilated Peoples,  Wu Tang,  Bone Thugs but I think I would rather just continue to be there fans.... so i can keep them and Hip Hop in my special place" Once music turns into business, Love , Culture and Hip Hop take the backseat and I refuse to let that Happen. My Music will always have a special meaning like a tattoo and I don't want any collaborations for the wrong reasons like money or fame.

It was great getting to Riverside Mic. Three of his songs have been released for major platform like Spotify, Apple etc but His main music page is over on BandCamp. When you purchase his song from Apple or itunes, Mic only gets about 7% of the revenue. However if you show support and purchase the song via BandCamp .... Riverside Mic and others get up to 80% of the sales. So not only is he playing buy his own rules and opening his own lane but Mic found a way to not get screwed by record label or robbed by the system. Be sure to show your support for a real revolutionary that writes in the name of freedom.

Friday, June 21, 2024

Sneak Preview - New Marketing Order

In 2024 and beyond, the modern marketing world is as dynamic as ever, and if you think you can just toss out a few catchy slogans and call it a day, think again! Welcome to the era of hyper-personalization, where marketers are not just selling products; they're selling personalized experiences that make customers feel like they're the stars of their own reality shows. Imagine opening your fridge to find a personalized message from your favorite soda brand, reminding you that "Today is a great day to sip and chill, just like you!" This is not just marketing; it's a full-blown engagement strategy, powered by advanced AI algorithms that know you better than your mom does. Creepy? Maybe a little. Effective? Absolutely.

Another twist in the 2025 marketing playbook is the resurgence of guerrilla marketing, but this time with a tech-savvy twist. Forget about simple flash mobs; now it's all about augmented reality (AR) flash experiences. Picture walking down the street and suddenly being part of a virtual beach party hosted by a sunscreen brand. You'd be dodging virtual beach balls and interacting with holographic influencers, all while learning about the latest SPF technology. It’s like Pok√©mon Go, but instead of catching Pikachu, you're catching brand loyalty. Marketers have become urban magicians, conjuring immersive brand experiences out of thin air and smartphone screens.

New Marketing Order is what everyone thinks of when they talk about the ultimate game-changer: the rise of the marketing influencer hybrid. In Collaboration with Melodic Playground and Friends, the Eric Lafontaine dream will be making a difference By 2025. Influencers are not just people; they are entire marketing campaigns personified. These new-age influencers have a daily script of brand integrations so seamless that they make product placements in movies look clumsy. A fitness influencer’s morning routine video, for example, isn't just about yoga stretches; it's an orchestration of protein shakes, smart yoga mats, and eco-friendly water bottles, each getting their spotlight. The result? Audiences are not just watching content; they're absorbing brand messages subconsciously while being entertained. It's a marketer's dream and, let's face it, a consumer's guilty pleasure.

For more tips, strategies and hacks be sure to visit the New website. New Marketing Order is getting ready to launch a New Book perfectly molded for success in the post pandemic business world. The book is called "Butler Stencil" and Eric sent us a pre-launch leak video to help us understand some of the innovations we can look forward to from the mind of Eric Fontaine. Check out the Youtube Short below and visit for more info and release date.