Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Calling All Artists


Melodic Playground Radio is an internet radio station that was created during the pandemic by DJ Meladik. Originally DJ Meladik had set out to share his musical creations but recently he gave way and agreed to make Melodic Playground Radio not only the best place to find exclusive music from DJ Meladik but now Melodic Playground Radio will be the coolest place to discover underground talent, Indie bands and unsigned artists.

Since it's origin Melodic Playground Radio has been broadcasting 24 hours everyday to any listener in the universe trying to tap in. For the first 3 years it was only music created by DJ Meladik mixed with ads and drops from sponsors but early 2024, to mark the 4th anniversary of the radio station, it was announced that 100 slots were made available to other artists looking to spotlight their music. Last week the radio station announce it's starting five. Shining the spotlight on the first 5 artists added to the daily rotation on Melodic Playground Radio.

Latavion was the 1st artist added bringing his mid west flavor with a loaded bag full of R&B vocals baked in with a poisonous pen the Hip Hop industry cant ignore. He recently took 1st place in his local artist showcase and now has his sights on national prominence.

L. Dub is a long time friend of DJ Meladik. The Chicago native lived in Riverside Ca and cooked up a few with Meladik back in the day. Today L. Dub is living in Las Vegas working on a project that will make sure his legacy is never forgotten.

Don Pasquale Ferone is a one man band. The Pastor spends his spare time blessing social media with his musical Psalms. The song he submitted was sung in Italian and not only enchanting the souls of listeners but also teaching another language.

Don Panzik is a Riverside native that moved to Tennessee and started a band. With releases like "She and "Where's Dolly, This band is quickly becoming a fan favorite, moving hips with boppin hits... Don Panzik knows music!

Summer Walker rounded out the first five artists added to rotation on Melodic Playground Radio but Summer has the biggest name of them all. This multi platinum R&B artist from the ATL is getting daily spins in the RIV.

You can listen to the starting five on Spotify if you press play on the widget below. the more you listen and the more you add these artist to your playlists, the more money they make and better chance they have at moving up the algorithm. Show you support and be sure to tune in to Melodic Playground Radio for more.

Friday, March 15, 2024

Prestige Film Festival - Free Admission


Attention Inland Empire! If you love Movies and you are ready to get out the house after the Rain storm, be sure to visit the 3 Iron Brewery this Spring. Colton's finest Brewery is back with the good vibes, ready to help the I.E. make some more unforgettable memories. We all know the 3 Iron can be the hot spot for good times but this year they have planned a little something special for us all.

This April, 27th-28th, the 3 Iron Brewery will be hosting the Prestige Film Festival. Everyone is invited to join us for the good vibes, good food, live music and international award show. Live entertainment, Fresh Cold Beer.... FREE Admission! 

Be sure to mark the Calendars. This Event is going to be one you don't want to miss on.  For more information be sure to follow 3 Iron Brewery or visit the website www.PrestigeFilmFestival.com See ya there!

Tuesday, September 5, 2023

AA Smog Check in Riverside


If you are in the Riverside area in need of a Smog check, AA Smog has you covered. Not only is AA Smog providing the community the most affordable pricing but it's faster than ordering a pizza. It can take less than 15 minutes for most vehicles and you there is no appointment necessary. 

AA Smog is open Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm and is you present this featured coupon you can receive $15 off your next smog check. We all know inflation is out of control and its hard to find anyone offering a fair pricing let alone honoring an awesome coupon but if the pricing isn't enough to give AA smog your business then maybe saving a whole trip to the DMV will.

AA Smog is not affiliated with the Department of Motor Vehicles but they are authorized to give you tags for your license plates and renew your vehicle registration. It's a win win! Save money, Save time and avoid the one place on earth every human is trying to avoid.