Monday, February 6, 2023

Special Announcement

The snowball is getting bigger. There is a passion and a purpose. With each effort the Organic Business Network will strive to make a difference. Today we are excited to announce the first edition of our Special Announcement flyers that will soon flood the sour local streets and online networks.

In this edition the flyers shows love and support for @DJ_Meladik , @QueenMeladee , @Jilcat_Team @CasinoHouseParties and more.
The flyer is sponsored by which happens to be a local small business and friend of the Mind of Meladik podcast.

This really is just the beggining. The idea is to eventually turn our special announcement flyer into a full brochure, then evolve into a very useful Inland Empire magazine. So show your love and support for the first edition and be sure to stayed tuned for the next one.