Tuesday, September 5, 2023

AA Smog Check in Riverside


If you are in the Riverside area in need of a Smog check, AA Smog has you covered. Not only is AA Smog providing the community the most affordable pricing but it's faster than ordering a pizza. It can take less than 15 minutes for most vehicles and you there is no appointment necessary. 

AA Smog is open Monday - Saturday 9am-5pm and is you present this featured coupon you can receive $15 off your next smog check. We all know inflation is out of control and its hard to find anyone offering a fair pricing let alone honoring an awesome coupon but if the pricing isn't enough to give AA smog your business then maybe saving a whole trip to the DMV will.

AA Smog is not affiliated with the Department of Motor Vehicles but they are authorized to give you tags for your license plates and renew your vehicle registration. It's a win win! Save money, Save time and avoid the one place on earth every human is trying to avoid. 

Thursday, June 15, 2023

Cali Street Team


We all know how important and powerful the internet is to any and every marketing campaign. You see we have several websites and social media profiles to help our efforts but the reality is so many artists, influencers even major institutions have fake followers,  Robot accounts and spam bots.

Organic Business Network refuses to participate. Yes we do online marketing but the fact is peer to peer or Hand to Hand marketing is still the best way to create awareness. 

As you can see in this photo our Southern California Street Team is active. We are available for Concerts, Sporting Events and any other mass gathering. We can hit the cars, or stand at the gates and interact with the event goers.

Its happening.. piece by piece, little by little , day by day. Organic Business Network is getting bigger , stronger and faster... stay tuned!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Jolene's Exclusives

Peer to Peer and Hand to Hand.  The Organic Business Network refuses to use bots or spam randoms. Everything we do is authentic, organic and wholesome. Sometime we are passing out local flyers, sometimes its an Instagram post. We send email blasts to our subscribers, we have Melodic Playground Radio to help with listeners and so much more.

Today we had a chance to look all cute in our matching shirts and everywhere we went we shouted proudly to announce how much we appreciate Jolene for helping us look so cute.

Jolene created her own fashion and accessories business using legal zoom called Jolene's Exclusive Designs. Not only does she provide quality materials but also a very timely service. It wasn't the first time getting shirts from Jolene. She has a passion for the industry and has been doing this for quite some time but it much more than shirts. Anything you need blinged or bedazzled. Hats, Purse or even your rims on the lowrider. 

For more pics, questions or booking feel free to reach out to Jolene via Instagram @JolenesExclusiveDesigns