Friday, June 21, 2024

Sneak Preview - New Marketing Order

In 2024 and beyond, the modern marketing world is as dynamic as ever, and if you think you can just toss out a few catchy slogans and call it a day, think again! Welcome to the era of hyper-personalization, where marketers are not just selling products; they're selling personalized experiences that make customers feel like they're the stars of their own reality shows. Imagine opening your fridge to find a personalized message from your favorite soda brand, reminding you that "Today is a great day to sip and chill, just like you!" This is not just marketing; it's a full-blown engagement strategy, powered by advanced AI algorithms that know you better than your mom does. Creepy? Maybe a little. Effective? Absolutely.

Another twist in the 2025 marketing playbook is the resurgence of guerrilla marketing, but this time with a tech-savvy twist. Forget about simple flash mobs; now it's all about augmented reality (AR) flash experiences. Picture walking down the street and suddenly being part of a virtual beach party hosted by a sunscreen brand. You'd be dodging virtual beach balls and interacting with holographic influencers, all while learning about the latest SPF technology. It’s like Pok√©mon Go, but instead of catching Pikachu, you're catching brand loyalty. Marketers have become urban magicians, conjuring immersive brand experiences out of thin air and smartphone screens.

New Marketing Order is what everyone thinks of when they talk about the ultimate game-changer: the rise of the marketing influencer hybrid. In Collaboration with Melodic Playground and Friends, the Eric Lafontaine dream will be making a difference By 2025. Influencers are not just people; they are entire marketing campaigns personified. These new-age influencers have a daily script of brand integrations so seamless that they make product placements in movies look clumsy. A fitness influencer’s morning routine video, for example, isn't just about yoga stretches; it's an orchestration of protein shakes, smart yoga mats, and eco-friendly water bottles, each getting their spotlight. The result? Audiences are not just watching content; they're absorbing brand messages subconsciously while being entertained. It's a marketer's dream and, let's face it, a consumer's guilty pleasure.

For more tips, strategies and hacks be sure to visit the New website. New Marketing Order is getting ready to launch a New Book perfectly molded for success in the post pandemic business world. The book is called "Butler Stencil" and Eric sent us a pre-launch leak video to help us understand some of the innovations we can look forward to from the mind of Eric Fontaine. Check out the Youtube Short below and visit for more info and release date.

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